Primary School Vožd Karađorđe, Aleksinac, Serbia

Teacher: Snežana Bogavac Mihajlović

From Serbia, Students Primary School Vožd Karađorđe, Aleksinac participated in Your Voice is Ours with this Sway about EDUCATION in SERBIA


My school is an Primary school, attended by about 600 students between the ages of 7 and 13. I teach 11- to 13-year-old students (Computer Science). I am not a classical teacher, I have been teaching for 5 years (I am Graduated Engineer of Electronics) and before that I worked at the Research and Development Department about 20 years. Maybe because of that, I understand why it is important to link Science and Education. Me and some of my colleagues are aware that it is necessary for STEM and STEAM to be the basis of the curriculum and we are trying to base our work on it. We use the PBL method and SAMR model in teaching, including other subjects for student projects.

My school has been selected as the Microsoft School. Microsoft in Education platform has allowed me to connect with educators from all over the world and build my PLN, sharing experiences and organizing cooperation in the classroom. My goal in working with students is to prepare them to apply knowledge in real life, to recognize their programming preferences, and to encourage especially girls, for STEM discipline. In a way, I give them an example because I’m a graduated electronic engineer.

Our school Vožd Karađorđe is eTwinning School and STEM School also. Students are involved in many differrent international projects, which are incorporated in curriculum, or students work on them in posts-school activity and they like it. These projects is important because they develop creativity, critical thinking, collaboratively work and on these way learn to link their knowledge with real-life situations. This project is challenge for them to express what they really mean and they like it.    

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