Our Project

Throughout the five learning activities of Your Voice is Our Voice Project, we will empower our students to do anything they want, because “if you can dream it, you can do it”, (Walt Disney).


Learning Activity 1: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Introduction of the project. Students will introduce themselves and share their future plans using Flipgrid.

Learning Activity 2: Your Educational System

In pairs or teams of four, the students will investigate the educational system of their country and prepare a presentation using an edtech tool of your choice (for example PowerPoint, Sway, VideoEditor App, …).

Learning Activity 3: The Voice of Our Mothers and Grandmothers

Students will plan and create a survey in Microsoft Forms.

Learning Activity 4: Listening to All Our Voices

Through a digital tool (for example, Sway, PowerPoint, Video Editor App, Flipgrid, …) students will present the conclusions bearing in mind that the project is global and that education is a powerful weapon transforming lives.

Learning Activity 5: Share Your Voice

The week of May 8th, the date on which International Women’s Day is celebrated, is a good time to connect with other classes around the world and share your projects using Skype.

Look this Sway  with all the information!.

Tu Voz Es Nuestra Voz (ESP) Your Voice Is Our Voice (ENG)
Tu Voz Es Nuestra Voz 📢
Your Voice is Our Voice📢#YourVoiceIsOurs
Un proyecto global centrado en los ODS de igualdad de género e igualdad en la educación. A Global Project Focusing On Gender Equality and Equality Education SDGs
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