Researching Gender Equality and Education in Ireland

With the objective of preparing the questions for the survey of women for different generations about their experiences accessing education and work opportunities, we have created a collaborative Wakelet collection.

The main goal of the Your Voice Is Our Voice Wakelet collection is to collaborate in curating resources about SDG4 – Quality Education and SDG5 – Gender Equality to have a better understanding of the issues. This will help us to prepare the questions that will be using to survey women of different generations about their interests and experiences.

Here is a link to our Wakelet collection.

Your Voice Is Our Voice Wakelet collection

Listening to Student Voice in Ireland: What do you want to be when you grow up?

The first activity of our project consisted on students introducing themselves using Flipgrid.

As part of this first activity, students have to record an introductory video in Flipgrid, stating five facts about themselves like for example, hobbies and interests or favorite subjects in school. The final part of the video was sharing their plans for the future and what they would like to be when they finished school.

Their videos were shared on the Your Voice is Our Voice Flipgrid Grid where the other participant schools also uploaded their introductory videos. This provided a fantastic opportunity for students to get to know each other and to see that independently of different languages and distances we are all connected.

Here is a link to the Your Voice Is Our Voice main Flipgrid Grid.

Your Voice Is Our Voice FlipGrid Grid

Education System in Ireland

Students: Sacred Heart School Tullamore

Teacher: Gloria Enrique

Students in Sacred Heart School Tullamore created this Sway explaining the Educational system in Ireland as part of their Activity 2 of the project Your Voice is Our Voice.

This activity focused in SDG4: Quality Education and as part of this activity students researched their educational system and presented their findings using a digital platform of their choosing.

Click this link to see their wonderful work!

Education System in Ireland