1st Activity: connecting Students with Flipgrid

The first activity of the month of September was to present himself using Flipgrid, the presentation of our students was in the Valencian language and inglés, briefly commenting on what they would like to dedicate themselves to moreis,as well as some of theirhobbies. Flipgrid offers us QR code of recorded videos, which are displayed with Augmented Reality if we read them with our mobiles from the Flipgrid app. With this novelty, students were able to look for colleagues from other countries who would like to study the same




We study our education system: Second activity of Our Project

Throughout the months of November and December our students have been preparing presentations in different formats to be able to report on the educational system. These presentations have been made in the different countries participating in the Project. From  Martí Sorolla II, (Valencia, Spain) students have prepared presentations of the Spanish education system using Powerpoint or Sway. Comment that these presentations have been made in both Spanish and English.

Here are some examples:

How to study an engineering in Spain?Com estudiar una enginyeria a Espanya?
The degree allows you to work as the type of engineer you have dedicated to studying at the university. Example: If you study aerospace engineering you can work as an aerospace engineer.
Ir a este Sway


From September 2019 to March 2020, the Our Voice Is Your Voice Project will focus on SDG4 Quality Education and SDG5 Gender Equality. Throughout 5 weeks, students will have to create a link between the past, the present and the future by investigating their educational systems and how gender has affected educational and professional choices of women in their countries. Using different digital tools, students will brainstorm, discuss, explore, create, reflect and share their findings.

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