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Your Voice is Ours: 2019-2020

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Gudrun Edhofer


Maths and history teacher for 10-18 years old students from Austria. Loves to get to know knew people around the world. Students will be able to join other students and hear their ideas.Maths and history teacher for 10-18 years old students from Austria. Loves to get to know knew people around the world.

Mariella Brunazzi


I’ve been teaching the SDGs since 2017. I am a teacher of English Language and Culture in a Technical/Vocational School called “IIS P. Sraffa” – Crema, Italy. I am interested in innovative teaching methods and tools to actively engage students in lessons and increase their participation. I have involved some classes in projects about SDGs 2030 for three years and I think it’s important to continue to raise awareness about critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being .I’ve been teaching the SDGs since 2017.



Being a woman and single child of my parents I have been through a lot of criticism and downfall. But, my inner self has always empowered me to not get hurt by their (people) words and has always kept motivating me to see the brighter side of life. I understand the power of inner self and education and want to empower the other women to choose the path they feel is right and never look back. I Avnita joshi, am a special educator who is passionate about educating the children with special needs and under privileged women. I focus and believe in my values and wish to impart a better future for needy and create an inclusive society.



I am Dr Mahadeo S Disale, I am working as a Professor in College of Education, Barshi Dist Solapur Maharashtra state of India. I have interested to teaching learning . Learning strategy, learning experience is my core areas. I want to connect my students to international students and teachers. And to make them awear of SDG 4,5 . I am Dr Mahadeo S Disale, I am working as a Professor in College of Education, Barshi Dist Solapur Maharashtra state of India. I have interested to teaching learning . Learning strategy, learning experience is my core areas.

Fawad Naseer


An international STEM Education Consultant, Director of STEM VISIONS.

Alena Maskaeva


I teach English at lyceum #33 in Ianovo, Russia. I am a MIEE and Skype Master Teacher. Also, I am a flipgrid ambassador. I think SDGs must be discussed at school and students can become changemakers like their teachers.

Virgínia Mena Esteves


I’m Virgínia Esteves, I’m Portuguese and I’m an English teacher at José Relvas School in Alpiarça, Portugal. I’m the European Club Coordinator, Erasmus+ Coordinator and Erasmus+ intraineeship supervisor. I’m also an eTwinner and MIEE since 2013. I believe that “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” as I believe my students



I am iyyappan krishnan , working as
Block resource teacher educatior in remote village , i try to improve the quality of education through education using technology

Clelia Calicchio


Clelia Calicchio is a student-centered English language educator at “IIS Lombardi” of Airola (Italy). IIS Lombardi enterprises to make learning concrete, consequential and applicable for the future generation of global citizens. We emphasize the conviction that this educational project, “Your voice is ours: focus on women’s empowerment” will provide our students (both male and female) a correct understanding of the concept of women’s empowerment and equality. We acknowledge that our students have to acquire a major receptiveness about women’s roles throughout the ages. Accordingly, the participation in this project and the confrontation with other international peers will enable our students to achieve a profound appreciation for women’s empowerment and concepts of equality.

Lúcia Nassa Tardão


Lúcia Nassa Tardão ,- BA in Portuguese and English teaching by the University of Évora, she is since 1995 an English teacher at Dr. Alberto Iria’s school in Olhāo Portugal. She teaches middle high school children aged 11-15. She was the school vice-president (1998-1999 and 2002-2005). For the last few years she has coordinated part of the languages department at her school. She has worked with the University of Algarve as a teacher trainer and in the Erasmus projects Etalage and Petall ( European languages label) She was and has been involved in several Etwinning, Erasmus projects and other projects such as Climateaction project and SOS4love.
She has participated in International conferences as a speaker and runs the site where she publishes about her work as a teacher, teacher trainer and about the conferences.
At present she is involved in the European DNA project.

Sotannde Abiodun Kabir


Teacher of Computer Science at Muslim High School, Isolu, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. (Age group 11-16).I love to join hands to achieve UN SDGs 2030 goals

Sara Matill


A Teacher who wants the best for their students. I want to broaden the mind of my students. They are the future of our world; a fair world where everybody is equal despite their gender. Respect should be their leitmotiv.A Teacher who wants the best for their students.

Narayan C Mangalaram

We want to encourage our schoolgrils to feel more confident in our male school.

Bożena Czapla


I am an English teacher. I was a part of a few projects in my school. Currently I am engaged in European DNA project.

Katarzyna Page


I’m an English teacher in Radom Technical School, Poland, also a MIEE, interested in international co-operation and multicultural exchanges of ideas

Champa Rathnayake

Sri Lanka

I believe, teachers need to think differently and be brave to take untrodden paths ,to make students successful global citizens. Imitating or cloning activities ,do not quench the thirst of students’ interest to explore ,experiment,search ,learn and create. Innovation in teaching is not merely use of technologies in it.

Lalani Rajapaksha

Sri Lanka

I’m Lalani Rajapaksha from Sri Lanka and work as a teacher at a school and an instructor at a provincial ICT Education Centre.It’s a pleasure to tell that I’m also a change maker as a #MIEMastertrainer and a #MIEExpert from 2017-2020.

Silvana Carnicero

I am a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. I hold a degree in Education and I am a specialist in distance learning and educacional technology. I have been a MIE Expert for four years and in 2018, I was shortlisted as finalist for the Global Teacher Prize by Varkey Foundation

Manuela Valentin

I am a Portuguese teacher, Winner of three National Quality Labels.
MIE Expert .Skype Master Teacher. TweetMeet Host and Teach SDGs Ambassador.
Interested in PBL and Digital Citizenship.
I work at Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Alberto Iria in Olhão a small city in the South of Portugal.
Huge fan of Erasmus + Projects and Minecraft in Education.
We are an ASPNet School and an Eco-School. I am the current coordinator of UNESCO’s Projects at my school and eTwinning Mentor

Laura Erviti Armendariz


I am currently the headmistress in secondary a school on the Costa Brava in Catalunya as well as one of the English teachers. As a kid I learnt in Basque at school even though my mother tongue is Spanish. That opened my mind to different ways of understanding the world. Since then I have learnt English, Catalan and German (still struggling with the last one!).

vokou zoi


I am a French teacher in a school in Salamis. I live in Piraeus I am really interested in Erasmus + projects. I have already participated in an Erasmus project in French as coordinator of the Greek team.

Bichitro Kumer Singha


Bichitro Kumewr Singha, Secondary school teacher , main job teaching in classroom, others MIE Expert , Trainer in Microsoft innovative Educator, British Council Coordinations. National ICT4 Ambassador,continued projects based learning with students! Skype in the classroom focus voice raising and upgrade my students to know, understand and work with national and gobal issue.

Alena Maskaeva


MIEExpert and an active member of social life of lyceum, region, country and world. I am a flipgrid expert of the 3 level, and enjoy to involve my students in important activities and events. We are eager to share our ideas and actions. We believe we are changemakers and want to spread this idea around the world.

Md. Abdul Majid


I am Md. Abdul Majid, Assistant Teacher of Dr. Chandana High School, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. I have selected MIE Expert, MIE Trainer, MIE Master Trainer. I am a ICT4E, District Ambassador, Bangladesh and ISA Coordinator, British Council.

Ashley Stephens

My name is Ashley Stephens and I am a Further Education Teacher in Youthreach, in Ireland.

I love my job and have worked as a Teacher of IT, Lifeskills and SPHE for the past 11 years.

When I’m not teaching, I love to spend time with my fiance, two dogs and family. I love to travel to different places to experience different cultures and see the sights.

Passionate about a better world for everyone and I can’t wait to get involved in this project, Your Voice is Ours, to see and experience the impact for my students and for myself.

Looking forward to another year of learning and growing with my students and to my first year as an MIE Expert.


GBOYEGA ADEGOKE OKUBANJO is an ICT Instructor at Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. Also, a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Certified Educator, Intel Trainer and Cisco Network Administrator, focusing on developing network infrastructure solutions, providing professional services, training of both Students and Educators on the use of 21st century tools in the classroom and teaching computer studies in the school as well as maintaining the school ICT Laboratory amongst other things. My aim is to periodically update myself with the latest modern teaching technologies while connecting with other teachers and students who are also interested in this way of bringing innovation to our classroom.

Joe Archer

Father of 3, Grade 5/6 Teacher. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Trainer, Fellow. Lead Teacher Ambassador for Write to Give. Volunteer Fire Fighter.I

Maria Andrade Johnson USA

Dr. Andrade Johnson is active in the IB community and in researching/working with under-represented learner communities. She has presented and written on technology’s potential to foster agency, voice, and efficacy in learners who are often marginalized by the dominant educational and societal norms/systems. Herself an immigrant and multi-cultural/multi-lingual learner, Dr. Andrade Johnson works for active engagement as well as respectful dialogue between all people, to lessen fear and bias towards the other and move us to an appreciation and awareness of our diversity as well as sameness in terms of our equal dignity as persons.

Lynn Thomas

I am the mother of four children and a secondary school English teacher. Additionally, I serve as a Digital Lead Learner with my school board, am an MIE Expert, an MIE Fellow, an MIE Master Trainer, a Teach SDGs Ambassador, and a National Geographic Certified Educator. I endeavour to make learning relevant by teaching the sustainable development goals, incorporating mental health and wellness, collaborating globally and embedding educational technology in the classroom. I also love supporting my fellow educators in our combined learning journeys in providing innovative learning opportunities that engage and empower learners to be independent global citizens.

MIrela Tanc

prof. Mirela Tanc
First Runner Up Pattern Recognition-E2 Singapore 2018
Winner the Global e-innovation Award 2017
Profesor fondator ACCED
TEDx Speaker
Let’s Do It Ambassador
Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
Skype Master Teacher
MIE Trainer
Member of Harvard Learning Community
Global Ambassador Teach SDGs
Out of Eden Learn-Harvard-Educator
MSFTEduChat Host
Empatico Participate Fellow
United Nations Delegate for UN Data Forum Dubai 2018
Building Education 2018 Speaker
NextGen Conference Speaker 2019
Global Advisory Board Member Foremost Foundation
Școala Gimnazială ”Oltea Doamna” Oradea, România

Raina Haque Bangladesh

This is Raihana Haque an elementary school teacher of Bangladesh 🇧🇩. I possess National Geographic certified teacher, MieExpert, MIE Trainer, Guest speaker, SDS Ambassador, British Council Coordinations. National ICT4 Ambassador, TweetMeet Bangla Host. Excited to participate projects based learning with students! Skype in the classroom is favourite handler!

Arti Chopra

Ms Arti Chopra, an MIE fellow has been awarded at various national and international forums for her path breaking steps in integrating technology in classrooms. A known name in educational circles through her thought provoking articles in various educational journals, blogs and magazines, Ms Chopra, has been instrumental in transforming the traditional classroom and is an eminent leader in Microsoft Educator Network community. As a resource person for several workshops and panelist on many forums Ms. Arti Chopra has been one of the leading proponents of the need to transform the classrooms.

Gloria Enrique

My name is Gloria Enrique and I am a Secondary school teacher in Ireland. I am originally from Spain. I am a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador and a Wakalet Ambassador. I am always looking for innovative ways and technologies to bring the curriculum to life and instill the same passion that I have for learning to students.

Kate Murray

Irish Principal Teacher | MIEExpert Fellow | Skype Master Teacher | Surface Master Trainer | LEGO Robotics Enthusiast | FLL & FLLJr Mentor #MSFTEduChat Host

Mohammed Mahmoud Abo Hassan


I’m Mohammed Abo Hassan! A senior teacher of English at A’ali Intermediate Boys’ School, Kingdom of Bahrain. I’m an MIE Expert and a Master Trainer from Microsoft for the fourth consecutive year. I’m an MIE Fellow and a Global Minecraft Mentor 2019.

Nguyen Thi Cam Huong

Viet Nam

I am Huong.I am from Viet Nam.I am an English Teacher in a secondary school in Viet Nam

Milena Vojinović

I am an ESL teacher at an elementary school in Serbia. I am also MIEExpert and a lifelong learner. Teaching Engish while using ICT tools in my classroom is my passion.

Àngels Soriano

I’m Languages Teacher, MIEE since 2014, TeachSDGs Ambassador 2018, flipgrid Students Voice Ambassador too. I love teach and offer my Students opportunities to improve their skills to change their lifes.

Mira Milović


Hi! My name is Mira Milović. I’ve been teaching English for 29 years, but I’ve been a part of the Skype in the Classroom since 2015. We have also been using Flipgrid for 3 years. I was give the MIE Expert twice in a row, 2017-18 and 2018-19 (hopefully I’ll get one this year as well). Earlier this year I was given the Healer Excellency Diploma as well as MIE Trainer 2018-19.

Shankar Ankush

My name is Shankar Ankush. My college name is SGRG Shinde College Paranda, MH, India. I m a person of great curiosity of learning and teaching new dimensions in education. I teach Marathi and English languages to 11 and 12 grade Arts students.



I am a teacher with an experience of 36 years. I am an innovative Educator. I am an expert in giving autonomy to my students. My core concern is to make sure students with me get quality education in all fronts. I try to support all my teenage group i groom.I look after their education and also their changing emotional front.

Snežana Bogavac Mihajlović


ICT and Computer Science Teacher, Scientix Ambassador, MIE Expert 2017/2018, MIE Expert 2018/2019, MIE Master Trainer 2017/2018, MIE, Master Trainer 2018/2019, MIE Fellow 2017/2018, MIE Fellow 2018/2019
GMP Ambassador
As an Computer Science Teacher I tried to integrate coding in the program and trained my students to use different programs such as Scratch, Python, mBlock, Minecraft, many tools such as Adobe Spark, Sway, Sutori, Flipgrid, Silk, Storybird, Animoto….These programs and tools have an effective impact on improving and developing pupils technological skills.

I am aware that it is necessary for STEM and STEAM to be the basis of the curriculum and I am trying to base my work on it. This school year I am also Assistant school Principal and I have directly influence the curriculum and work of teachers. I use the PBL method and SAMR model in teaching, including other subjects for my students projects.
I am the first in my school to register on the MEC platform and constantly train my colleagues and inspire them to register at the MEC. My school has been selected as the Microsoft School.

Microsoft in Education platform has allowed me to connect with educators from all over the world and build my PLN, sharing experiences and organizing cooperation in the classroom. My goal in working with students is to prepare them to apply knowledge in real life, to recognize their programming preferences, and to encourage especially girls, for STEM discipline. In a way, I give them an example because I’m a graduated electronic engineer.

I additionally have projects with my students on the eTwinning portal and for the project Explore Scratch I got a National and European Quality Label.

Hanaa Mohamed Ibrahim

United Arab Emirates

I am HANAA MOHAMED IBRAHIM a math teacher for deaf students since 33 years ago
I have been interested for 33 years in the education and rehabilitation of the disabled and I want to get the best ways to learn where I have been included in the educational process in this period of time

Vasiliki Dogani


I’m Literature Teacher

Phạm Thị Minh Thuỳ

Viet Nam

My name is Thuy. My international friends usually call me Hannah. I am an English teacher for high school students in Viet Nam. My desire is to participate in programs which are aimed at building a better world. I strongly believe that my voice matters, and so does yours. Only by collaboration and solidarity can we make it!

Stefanoudaki Olga


I have been teaching English as a foreign language in Athens, Greece since 1995. I currently run my own language school and I am of the opinion that foreign languages should not be taught the old traditional way but we should include in the curriculum life skills. We have been trying to incorporate technology and experiential teaching.

Cristiana Pivetta

I teach Italian language and culture, History and Geography at the “Don Milani” Comprehensive Middle School of Carbonia in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias form Italy.
I am a #TeachSDGs ambassador and I am committed to safeguarding the environment by building projects aimed at my students and in collaboration with teachers and students from around the world.
I am an Innovative Design and I am passionate about creative writing and I personally take care of the blog
I have been involved in online training for several years and in the presence of intelligent and strategic use of innovative methodologies and technologies applied to everyday teaching.